KING Flipchart is the symbolic validation of your Success

KING is the exclusive professional flipchart for Experts and it's Next to the Best Ones!

It's unique: giant and portable, it's the only one with the double-wide panoramic panel designed for High Impact Presentations.
The prestigious KING is one and only.
Don't go looking for it around: you can get it only here!

Made in sunny Italy and delivered all over the world!

KING Flipchart is serving Experts all over the world

Try to take away KING from the stages of the Clients I've served such as Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, Ted McGrath, Chris Record, Aaron Sansoni and Jeff Walker ...
I bet you'll be never able to do it!

It's because they do everything in their power to protect their standing.
They'll allow to nothing and none to spoil their image.
Those Top Performers continuously look for tools and strategies for distinguishing themselves above all others.

Read this now.
If you prefer to keep using conventional flipcharts made for losers, KING won't fit you and we can say bye-bye here. 

On the other side, if you're a Coach teaching how to reach success in life and in business and you definitely want to stand out as a Trainer belonging to the élite of the Bests in the World, then you have to put KING next to you.

Or else, you'll make a much better impression by using no flipcharts.

I'm Tiziana Terazzan and unlike my competitors that produce small, vertical, narrow, awful and heavy flipcharts, I provide the unique professional lightweight flipchart with the panel bigger of more than 80%
KING's double-wide panel is designed for stages and it grants the panoramic view

Thanks to KING, Professionals are certain of their staging and they know that they'll resonate with the audience.
KING's the ideal tool for:

  • Trainers, coaches, mentors, speakers holding courses always in different locations: KING is foldable and easily portable.

  • Hotels that can use KING as an extraordinary opportunity to further adorn their meeting rooms. In fact they can now offer to the clients they serve a top-class equipment. Sometimes it happens to attend courses in very important hotels having nubbin and groggy flip charts on their stages.

  • Business meetings and Convention Centers because all participants have the chance to easily display charts and diagrams, to visualize the whole process.

The carrying cases for the flip chart and for the paper pads are also available for an elegant and easy transport and for the fast storage.

The paper pad, made of 22 stapled sheets, is KING tailored.
It measures  cm. 114x87 (45x34.5 inches) and each set of paper contains 4 pads.
The double-wide panoramic panel’s dimensions are really remarkable! 80% bigger in comparison to all other ordinary flipcharts!
In facts all conventional boards have these dimensions: cm 70x90 = inches 27.5x35.5.

BUT now see the numbers of KING:

  • opened: cm. 120x84x180H (inches 47.28x39.4)
  • folded: cm. 100x60x6 (inches 23.64x39.4x2.36)
  • Lightweight construction: less than 10 kgs. (22 pounds)

Made in powder-coated aluminum, KING is assembled and folded very quickly in very few easy steps thanks to the joints and to the mechanical locking systems we've invented.
No tool is needed for the assembly.

These were simple and clear technical information.
They are important, I know. 

After all, what that I wanted to tell you  is that KING is the most amazing flipchart for Experts in the world ... even if I had to illustrate it to you :)

To your success,

Tiziana, Lady Flipchart