It was a dark and stormy night .... it's not true, read how the story started!

Millionaire Mind Intensive Italy

Here's how it went.
Once upon a time there was a coach who used a giant and heavy flipchart: he was carrying it along in meeting rooms for his coaching sessions like a tormented soul.

This heavy flipchart had to be packed each time in a cardboard because it had no case.
The paper bar was bulky and it needed to be carried by keeping it in a hand.
This occured every single time the coach had to travel, by car, train and plane.

It was really uncomfortable.
It was a prison jail!

One evening the coach called the two inventors Tiziana and Sandro and said: 

"… so guys, I bought this giant flip chart many years ago in the US and I now wanted to get two more for using them in the different cities where I usually hold my courses. 
The conclusion is that this flipchart is no longer produced! 

Now, as far as you are keen in finding solutions, why don't you design a giant and easily portable flipchart
Let's see if you'll solve this problem”.

Wow! This was really intriguing!

We went in the meeting room, brought the flip chart in the bedroom and carefully studied it.
We placed the flipchart on the bed , turned our brains on ON position and started to put forward some hypothesis equipped only with a yardstick, paper and pencils.

The remarkable dimensions were really an important challenge.
The panel had to be huge and built in landscape, the weight had to be necessarily reduced because we wanted the flipchart easily portable and, mostly, we aimed to obtain the fastest assembly without any utensil. 

A search we made pointed out that the market was ready to receive a huge flipchart as the one used from the top coaches such as Brendon Burchard and Tony Robbins.

Also sectors as visual marketing, elearning and furnishings for meeting rooms in hotels and offices would have appreciated the double wide flip chart with the panel having the space increased of 80% and the panoramic vision.


In a few hours Tiziana and Sandro studied the greatest and lightweight flipchart ever made, in the bedroom of a hotel: the Huge KING Flipchart.

Five years have passed since that night: light yet strong, foldable and portable to be always available; KING rapidly earned an excellent reputation and it's always ready to make the coach even more impressive and to satisfy the most demanding audience.

KING is the only existing Flip Chart in the world to be:
- Panoramic with the Double-Wide Panel,
- Giant,
- Foldable and Portable.

With a fantastic 100% made in Italy design! :)