Write on a flipchart to be proud of!

You can create your best presentation ever.
The one that will make you proud

Who goes on stage wants to grab the interest of the audience.
They wish to meet dynamic persons interacting.
The coach wants to share his message in the most professional, clear and influential way.

In the era of communication we are aware of the fact that all tools are necessary and useful to transmit information to the audience: videos, slides, infographics ... the more you have, the better it is.

If you work with a flipchart, you know that this is the most impacting tool on stages, in meeting  rooms and in videos.

The use of easels facilitates the empathy between the coach and the audience.
It increases the strength of the message.
The audience listens to the trainer explaining an idea.
They look at him making it real on a flipchart.
They assimilate the lesson in the most effective way.

The idea grows and it embeds in an unforgettable way into the minds of the coachees.

Coaches use all communicative canals when they are on the stage.
They express their message by voice (auditory).
They write it on the board (visual).
They also involve the public with questions and answers (kinesthetic).

Some  professionals capture the attention of the room by beating on the panel with their opened hand (auditory+kinesthetic).
This is an effective technique to communicate the contents.

The energy flows in the room.
The public hear, write and draw the message as the Coach does.
As they see it on his flipchart.

The lesson is clear, it's understood.

It may happen that the attendees will take pictures of the sheets.
The pictures will make them remember their emotions, the involvement, the amazing energy.

In the digital era the "old" flipchart is not a relic.

The flipchart is the most versatile and immediately available  tool for presentations.
It activates the passion in the coach and in the audience.

This is the reason why we have conceived KING Flipchart, the greatest existing in the world.
Delivered directly from Italy.

KING's the only one available with a double-wide panel.
The panel is perfect for the panoramic, the landscape, view.

We wanted KING to be amazing and this is why we paid special attention to the design!

To your success.


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