Top Experts have something in common

KING Flipchart gives us the privilege to get in touch with the Best Ones in the Coaching Industry.

We know them and we know their stories.

Tiziana here.
Sandro and I were reflecting on the fact that almost all of our Clients had paid their dues in life.
Many of them have gone broke and failed.  

If you ever read something about the lives of Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern and Eric Worre, you know that they all share very dramatic personal and professional moments.

Moments when all looked like being lost.

Driven by a great sense of revenge, to reach to their dignity and the desired success, they started to change their behavior.
They immediately and simultaneously acted on 6 factors:

  • Nutrition
  • Health and workout
  • Physiology
  • Learning
  • Improvement of Self-Talk
  • Raising-up their Standards

They all agree on the fact that the most important factor among all is "Raise the Standards Up".

Their stories inspired us so much!
In our own small way we do our best to maintain the highest level of performance by producing the unique professional big flipchart KING.

Because of our Clients standards, we raise ours.

We perfect KING over and over again.
Little construction details, mechanical adjustments and design upgrades that will enhance the experience of the professionals we serve.

We want to exceed expectations.

For example by being available also during night hours for our overseas customers.
We regulate our schedule to their needs, not vice-versa.

To your success,


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