The dimensions of the huge KING Flipchart

KING Flipchart is the biggest flip chart in the world.

But how much big is it?

This question was asked from a Coach who wants to use KING in his studio.

He wants to shoot videos and was wondering if he could fit KING in.

I've made the drawings showing the dimensions of the huge whiteboard KING and the area it takes up.

The height of KING is of 70 inches.
The weight is of about 22 pounds.

Here are the dimensions of the big whiteboard KING Flipchart

This is the area needed for using the Big KING Flipchart

I hope that this will help who wants to have an idea of the dimensions of KING Flipchart!

In case of questions, please write here

To your success!
Tiziana - Lady Flipchart -


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