Production of the Giant Paper Pads for the huge Flipchart KING

We want you to know how we produce the customised Paper Pads for the Big KING Flipchart.
Each sheet measures 45"x34.25

The Paper Pads set for KING is made of 4 pads.
Each pad has 22 sheets

We pack two pads into a special cardboard pipe of diameter 4" and tall 118".
These pipes are perfectl for granting the best protection and facilitating storage, transport and handling.

See the paper pads here!

Here's how the production is done.
* the worker receives a pallet with 5,000 sheets sized 55"x40"
* he counts 22 sheets and staples them together on the long side with about 10 metal staples
* to each pad the employee applies an adhesive tape for hiding the metal staple.
This tape is  important for avoiding that clients get hurt and we want to satisfy the aesthetics.
* when the worker ends this operation, he puts the pad on a work bench.
* He keeps going on till when he finishes the whole sheets laying on the pallet.

Another operator starts the cutting shear equipment (it a really huge machine) and passes each pad into it.
Firstly he takes the pad and places it on the specific area of the shearer and he activates the cutting guillotine on the short side of the pad.
Then he does the same on the long side.

All the finished pad are brought on another bench and piled up with all the other pads already worked.
Beside this bench the cardboard pipes are all ready to welcome the production.

From now on the Sandro and I will handle the job.

We personally take two pads at a time and visually 100% control the quality.
If we find a pad showing defects (dog-ears, crinkle, problems of the paper) we reject it.

At this point we roll the two pads up with care and we fasten them with paper bands.
The two pads are inserted into a pipe and we definitely close it.

Two giant pads for KING Flipchart are rolled up and packed into the special pipe

The final packing operation for taking the production to the logistics, is to put two pipes into a customised telescopic cardboard box.

That's it!
All done!

We’re ready to process the orders!

See the special paper pads here!

Tiziana - Lady Flipchart -


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