If you use flipcharts, you'll be more influential with the huge KING Flipchart

Is image everything?
You should try the giant flip chart KING when coaching on stages and in videos.

Here’s Tiziana the creator of the giant KING Flipchart.


After all the most important factor for elevating oneself  it’s to Raise Up Your Standards.

I've been invited at an event from my client Girolamo Portacci of Success Resources Italy.
He had the big KING Flipchart on his stage and was truly proud of it.

Girolamo is very famous because he’s the one who brought T. Harv Eker in Italy and he’s the organizer of Tony Robbins and Eric Worre events.

While talking to Girolamo, I realized how obsessive his attention to details is.

I congratulated him on the choice of the room for the event.
He told me that actually the room wasn’t OK when he inspected it before the event: the backdrop behind the stage did not meet his standards and therefore he decided to get it done the way he wanted it.

Let me tell you that the original backdrop was absolutely of a very good quality.

I'll make it short: he spent more than 2,000 Dollars for a huge custom white panel.
He threw it away after having used it for 2 days only!
Believe me: Girolamo has great respect for money, he’s not a bully at all!

Girolamo made this choice because he perfectly knows how much the level of branding is essential to achieve and maintain success in the Training and Public Speaking Industry.

He told me:
"Tiziana, I could have left everything the way it was, but I would not have respected and fulfilled  the choices I've made so far.
Moreover I would have given a contradictory image of my company.
Customers always accept and buy the shortcut to success only by trainers and coaches who personify the success they're looking for".

The words of Girolamo made me understand that professionalism must be truly evident.
Contents go hand in hand with the projected image.

Think about this: a surgeon is a surgeon even when he wears T-shirt and jeans, BUT he’s perceived as "a True Surgeon" only when he's wearing the white coat and stethoscope.

The expert meeting his audience with the Big KING is perceived more influential than if he had a conventional whiteboard.

Here's my question.

Are you doing your very best to raise your perceived image on stages and in videos?
I'm pretty sure that KING wil be very helpful for your profession!

Get your Big KING now, I'm ready to serve you and enhance your presentations.

To your success!
Tiziana - Lady Flipchart


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