Free of charge we never heard these funny words

I’m Tiziana Terazzan, the creator of KING.
Together with my business partner Sandro Rizzo we’ve invented it.

Find out why I'm writing this message

It’s awesome.

We are very proud in knowing that many fall in love with the huge KING Flipchart.

We know …  this is the unique flipchart in the whole world to be:

  • Giant
  • Panoramic
  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Ultralight
  • Professional for experts

KING Flipchart is exclusive!

I’m Tiziana Terazzan, the creator of KING.
Together with my business partner Sandro Rizzo we’ve invented it.

Now, let me tell you why I write this message.

I want to make clear a thing which seems to be misunderstood from some among my public.

Firstly, we've heard that “finally, thanks to you the landscape and giant easel is also available in Italy, in Europe, all over the world."
Hello, hello?

Let me explain how things are.

"Thanks to us KING is available" because of a precise motive: we make KING, we build it.

We want that coaches, trainers, mentors and consultants go on a stages or shoot videos with the right tool, the specific product, the real one made for their profession.

This flipchart was missing.

We've designed, engineered, made prototypes and produced this exclusive professional giant
We studied the best materials and we've invested much time and a lot of money.
Thanks to us KING, the Italian giant one, exists.

KING is produced by us.
From an aluminum plate of 10 kgs. we create the Flipchart that was missing.

Just think that Max Formisano, a famous Italian trainer, before finding us (you can ask his confirmation of what I'm saying) after more than 2 years of attempts, he was looking for a
double-wide panel flipchart in Japan.

Sandro and I know a lot of coaches because we have attended to very many of their courses.
And we have paid them, thousands of Euros.

It now happens a very strange confusing thing.

We receive strange proposals from some professionals and they drive us mad because they're inappropriate.

"Give me one KING Flipchart and you can come to a course of mine for free"
"Give me one KING Flipchart and I’ll talk about you with my followers, I’m an influencer”

It surprises me: how's it possible they've the nerve to make such proposals!
1 . Firstl of all,  they don't describe their product.
2 . Then they don't detail where's our benefit.
3 . Moreover, it's not quantified. What's their value: 200? 2000? 20000 Euros?
4 . And, last, it's given for granted our positive answer together with our thanks for the unbeatable offer we are receiving.

KING has no interest in being traded with nothing!

The price is clear and into the e-commerce.
For everybody.
All over the world.

It's now years that we supply KING to many coaches all around the Globe: you can see some of them here
We know that some made sacrifices to purchase KING.
Though each of them paid in full our supply.

If each professional who wants KING is pretending to pay KING with their courses, two things will happen:
ONE: Sandro and I will become very intelligent and very, very hungry.
TWO: How will we figure out how to pay our suppliers?
Will we tell them to attend to some course and to admire KING Flipchart on a stage?
Or, shall we stun them with sales techniques, NLP and Law of Attraction?

We are here for improving ourselves and for helping others.
This requires diligence and great struggles.
We pretend respect.

No teaching of excellence is accepted from those behaving as a bum.

Just saying.

Tiziana #1stepahead


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