Are you ignoring these tips on flipcharts?

When using a flip chart:

You think about what to say?
You think about what to write?

Do you know that generally you'll find yourself to do the both at the same time?

It's well-known that the flipchart is a great support for trainers and coaches.
If it's used efficaciously.

Yet, many experts avoid to use flipcharts so much as they could mainly for three

  • They've problems to remember what to write.
  • They lack confidence in their own writing abilities.
  • They fear to be sidetracked in the key moment of their performance.

Here are some secrets that will help you to overcome some difficulties when you'll write on a easel:

  1. At the bottom of each sheet of pad put a tiny piece of transparent adhesive tape.
    This will create a grip and this smart trick will allow you to easily turn the sheet without pinchig other pages together.

  2. In the pages where you have noted down the key points of your speech, leave between each one a lot of space.
    While you go on with your lesson you'll have the chance to write the interventions of the public.

  3. Do not write, print! 
    This means that every single letter must be written on the sheet in a clear and a defined way. The trick is: lift the marker from the sheet every time you draw. If you write Z you have to trace 3 times. If it's E, trace for 4 times.

  4. Write large and in block letters: never use the italic font which distracts the audience.

  5. Use dark markers: black, blue, red and dark green.
    Write the comments you'll get from the audience in a different color from the one you're using for your lesson.

  6. If you also use PowerPoint in your presentation, always remember to darken it when you work at the flipchart.
    The public will not be distracted by the slides.

Great job, to your success!


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