JUMBO is the huge FLIPCHART that you hang on conventional flipcharts for having a Giant one with the Landscape vision.

You double the space where to write!

It's Easy and Fast.
Hang JUMBO on any ordinary flipchart and you'll have a giant flipchart.
You change nothing of what you already do!

Hit the image and get your own JUMBO Pad now!

JUMBO Giant Flipchart for conventional flipchart 

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WHAT’S JUMBO? It’s the NEW HUGE FLIPCHART to hang on conventional flipcharts. JUMBO will TRANSFORM them in giant ones.It’s made of resistant cardboard. It comes with 2 giant pads of 11 sheets each. We also send 2 Magnum Size Markers. Its coupling is universal: you hang it on an existing board as a normal pad of paper. It is 100% recyclable: when you...

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