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JUMBO the NEW flipchart turning small boards in giant ones


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It’s the NEW HUGE FLIPCHART to hang on conventional flipcharts.
JUMBO will TRANSFORM them in giant ones.

  • It’s made of resistant cardboard.
  • It comes with 2 giant pads of 11 sheets each.
  • We also send 2 Magnum Size Markers.
  • Its coupling is universal: you hang it on an existing board as a normal pad of paper.
  • It is 100% recyclable: when you have finished using JUMBO, you put it into the paper bin.

JUMBO is the GIANT FLIPCHART with the amazing gigantic sheets that you hang on your flipchart and it immediately DOUBLES the space to write.

Without changing anything of what you already do

EASY and FAST to use!

You find JUMBO only here!

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Trainer? Expert? Coach?




JUMBO transform any normal flipchart in a giant one

The GIANT JUMBO is a special FLIPCHART with the amazing big sheets that you hang on your flipchart and it immediately DOUBLES the space to write.

The transformation is PHENOMENAL!

It's SIMPLE AND FAST to use: you hang it on any conventional flipchart which immediately becomes Gigantic.

Without changing anything of what you already do


It’s the HUGE FLIPCHART to hang on conventional flipcharts.

It’s in resistant cardboard.
It comes with 2 giant pads of 11 sheets each.
You also get 2 Magnum Size Markers, one black and one red.
Its coupling is universal: you hang it on an existing board as a normal pad of paper.
It is 100% recyclable: when you have finished using JUMBO, you put it into the paper bin.

Tiziana Terzzan and Sandro Rizzo are the inventors of the big KING Flipchart 

We are Tiziana Terazzan and Sandro Rizzo, the Italian inventors of KING.

KING is the Big Flipchart for Experts that we sell all over the world.

Thousands of Professionals use KING because its the panel is double-wide in comparison to all other flipchart.
This is why KING has become essential for those who teach on stages and with videos.

KING Flipchart is used from Celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, Andy Harrington, Eric Worre and Dan Lok, and many other!

The giant KING flipchart is used all over the world from top experts

Each blue spot is a Top Expert who wanted KING next to him.

Given the amazing success of KING’s giant panel, we’ve invented the new flipchart JUMBO.
Now all the ordinary boards can have the big panel.

Writing longer sentences and creating complex, legible diagrams on a flipchart will no longer be a mirage.

the panel of any ordinary flipchart is very narrow 

The one in this picture is a very common FLIPCHART FOR OFFICES.

It was created to be used in an office and NOT for training courses! 

Do you know its story?

The first patent of a flipchart is by John Patterson, an American business man.
He had an important company meeting and asked his printmaker for a panel with sheets attached on it.
The guy did it quickly: he took the largest sheets he had, nailed them down on a wooden panel and then fixed 3 legs.

It was 1912.

Since then, very little has changed, they continue to fob us off with this eyesore.
All the boards that you see around are long, narrow and small: the very same as they were more than a century ago.
The printer decided to use the sheets vertically and nothing has changed!

Long story short: the flipcharts you see around are awful!
And yet, you too, every time you’re proposes to use a flipchart made for offices, you accept and settle for it!

But, let me tell you: you had no other choices ... until today


It’s time to say IT’S ENOUGH!

All flipcharts have these 5 capital flaws in common.

  • They are too narrow:
    you cannot write wide and clear for your audience: after few letters you have to start a new line!
    It’s impossible to communicate in the right way.
    Imagine drawing a marketing funnel and describing all the steps needed to put it into practice.
    It cannot be done on a narrow and small sheet.
    Drawing diagrams and mapping in these conditions is frustrating.

  • They are long:
    the vertical sheet is uncomfortable.
    If you want to use the whole sheet you are forced to bend over and end-up writing crooked.
    We have seen trainers get on their knees for completely use the sheet and avoid wasting it.
    This is embarassing.
  • They are small:
    their size fits well in small offices for quick captions or for meetings with half a dozen of people.
    They are not good for Trainers.
    They are inappropriate.
  • They create confusion, chaos and bother:
    they interfere with teaching and learning.
    It’s because a sheet is too little to contain an entire subject and therefore the trainer is forced to use multiple sheets to complete it.
    Then, if he wants to get back to something needing to be explained, he must turn the sheets back and forth before finding what he is looking for.
    As a result, the lesson is interrupted and the audience cannot follow in a consistent way.
  • They are all identical, apart from the price:
    Check this in a big company.
    Compare the warehouseman’s flipchart costing 43 $ or £ with the one used from the President costing 357 and you'll see that, despite the big difference in price, they are practically alike!
    They’ve the same shape and they both use the same small and narrow sheets.
    The one of the President fails to convey prestige because it is a simple stationery article.
    They are trashy.

For sure, there's a thing they are great in: spoiling your image!

Creating JUMBO: behind the scenes

In these years we have taken our Clients advices and expectations to heart.

We're in touch with them and we've been told about a wide-open desire: "I'd love to have a giant flipchart everywhere!"
This is what they more often tell us.

  • KING is impressive! It's perfect for my stage but I cannot use it in the office because it takes too much space up.
  • When I want to shoot fast videos I don’t always feel to fold-up KING!
  • Sometimes I do not take KING where I hold the event, but when I'm forced to use small boards I feel unlucky and restricted having to write on the narrow paper.
    Every time I curse my laziness for not having the Big KING with me.

Once you get used to the big sheets it's very frustrating go back to the small sheets

Who uses KING detests narrow and vertical flipcharts.

"I've a dream: to have a KING available wherever I go"
It’s not a joke.

It is a real need, a requirement of the persons we serve.

How could we solve this problem?

Looking for the solution had become an obsession.
Suddenly Sandro had a flash of inspiration.

"I get it! I know to do it!
We'll create a huge panel to use with any conventional flipchart!

After months of prototypes and failed tests, JUMBO flipchart is finally a reality.

JUMBO definitely changes how your flipchart looks like from ordinary to giant

By hanging it to any flipchart, JUMBO doubles the space where to write.
It’s simple and fast because you fix it as a normal spare paper pad.

Is JUMBO okay for you? Positively, if you use flipcharts!

A giant flipchart works much better than a tiny one!

JUMBO is perfect for:

  • Courses, no matter if 10, 100 o 1000 people are in the house.
  • Video e webinar: it’ll be easy to draw and write your lessons.
  • Coaching sessions: what you’re teaching will be crystal clear to your audience.
  • Drawing charts and maps.
  • Who goes Touring and wants to avoid a conventional flipchart.
  • Outdoors courses and activities.

The sheets we use for JUMBO are the same ones we use for KING! 

You write and draw much bigger and everything is perfectly legible and clear!

Read the first opinions on JUMBO!

Haircoach Luca Picchio using the JUMBO Pad on his little flipchart

Haircoach Luca Picchio using the JUMBO Flipchart on his little one during a Team Building masterclass
"Guys! JUMBO saved me from using a conventional small flipchart!"

Salvatore Ambrosino is using JUMBO Pad on an ordinary flipchart 

Salvatore Ambrosino is passionate.

"... in the hotel where I had to meet my 800 people audience I found a standard flipchart on the stage.
You can't stand out like that!
Fortunately, Tiziana and Sandro took here the megaboard JUMBO.
I just hung it up on the the small flipchart which immediately got transformed.
Let's make this clear!
I arrived here and found my giant board ready, without folding or unfolding it, with no probles at all!
A special thank you!"

Salvatore is the Founder of the largest group of driving schools in Italy

Max Formisano loves his JUMBO Pad

This JUMBO Flipchart is fantastic!

Max Formisano

JUMBO is on a conventional flipchart. The final result is awesome!
So much space available for writing and drawing.

KING Flipchart has a phenomenal success because it solves a need to those meeting their audience.

Read what some Experts say about the big panel and sheets of KING Flipchart:

I’m RUTH MARY ALLAN,  High Performance Coach.  
Using the KING flipchart has been brilliant. I love love love it!  
Not only is their service super, but to my surprise, the size of the board has really inspired me to be more creative and spread my message further.  
Simply by giving me that extra space to be creative on white paper and draw out my message.  
If you don’t have one and you’re struggling with expressing yourself and communicating your message, this flipchart might just be the answer for you!

I've never done a webinar with a big flip chart  like this before!
I got the idea from Russell Brunson watching him. It's really cool.
And let me tell you something about these big flip charts. All right?
So, these things to my knowledge are impossible to get in the United States!
I searched everywhere for but couldn't find them!
Finally had to text Russell: "Hey dude where did you get this thing?"
He said "I caught it in Italy!"
So,we had to have this shipped over from Italy from FLIPCHART.IT
You guys over there who got this to us so quickly, thank you very much!
They're good people over there!

DAVID NEAGLE says: KING Flipchart definitely puts other flipcharts to shame as it has such a professional presence!

Hey I'm DAN MARTELL serial entrepreneur trainer and speaker.
Today I want to share with you guys how excited I am about my KING Flipchart.
You know, when I got in this industry I went on the mission to find something that would allow me to communicate and share my strategies and my framework.
When I came across this double-wide flip chart I was blown away!
I mean, first off you get twice as much room to be able to share your strategies and explanations and diagrams so that just makes it amazing.
It's super easy to travel with because it packs up into a nice little bag and then, finally, it sets you apart!
It's memorable, people see it and ask me: "Dan, where did you get this? This is so unique!”
I love it, so be sure to read more on the website and check it out for yourself! I guarantee you're going to fall in love and you won't be able to go back.

If the giant flipchart works so well for them, just imagine what it can do for YOU!

From today, YOU can have the giant flipchart too, where and when you need it.


a flipchart from ordinary to giant

How does JUMBO work?

It's incredibly easy to have JUMBO ready.
In this video you'll see how-to, step-by-step.

What do you get by using JUMBO?

> A bunch of extra space for your lessons, diagrams and schemes.
> Your audience will be happy to read well what you've written.
> You are more impressive because you use the giant sheets like Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker and Dan Lok!

The transformation of a flipchart from little to giant

We’ve created the Service “EASY & SMART”
>No Worries<

How does EASY & SMART work?

1) You order JUMBO and instruct us on where to ship it (where you’ll use it, in a hotel, by your Client, in your office)

2)We receive your payment and within the next 2 days we ship.

3) You receive JUMBO with 2 huge pads having 11 sheets each and 2 Magnum Size markers.

ZERO transport and travel drags: we take care of everything!

What must you do now?
Order your JUMBO Pad!

When you'll receive JUMBO, you only have to:
1) unbox,
2) hang JUMBO to any conventional flipchart as a normal paper pad.

Fast and Easy!
A LOT of prestige guaranteed!

3) When you finish, put JUMBO in the paper bin and forget about it.

The transformation of your flipchart will be stunning!

JUMBO in 3 simple steps will make your flipchart gigantic

Dimension when opened45" x 36"
Dimension when closed22.45" x 36.22" x 0.8"
Measure sheet44.88" x 34.65"
Number of sheetseach of the 2 pads has 11 sheets
Weight8.81 pounds