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"Mr. Neagle is so excited to have the KING Flipchart.
He really loves the look and sturdy feel of the equipment.
We also appreciate the quick turnaround time on the shipping.
The KING flipchart definitely puts other flipcharts to shame as it has such a professional presence." - Team David Neagle


KING’s the only existing Professional Flipchart expressly designed for Experts, Influencers, Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.
Foldable and portable, KING is the biggest in the world.
100% made in Italy, delivered worldwide.

Its panel is giant and double-wide providing the landscape vision.

Order your KING Flipchart now!

>Not sold in stores, unique, you find it only here<

KING's used from Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, Jeff Walker, Danny Morel, Dan Lok, Dean Graziosi and Frank Kern!
KING's Next to the Best Experts on stages and in videos.

Team Tony Robbins says: We have received the new easel.
Thanks so much for making this such an easy transaction in spite you're in Italy and we're in the US.

787,00 EUR

Giant double-wide KING Flipchart for unique events and presentations

The unique biggest flipchart available, specific for Experts, directly from Italy.

This is the EXCLUSIVE Set, made of:

  • - The Gigantic KING Flipchart
  • - The set of paper pads, 4 huge pads!
  • - The elegant carry case for the flipchart
  • - The awesome bag for the moving the paper pads
  • - The pouch for the markers, for having them always available and in order

Don't miss to have the huge KING!
Order your KING Flipchart now and it'll be next to you in very few days.

Many Authorities in the world are our Clients: Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Eric Worre, Frank Kern, David Neagle, Chris Record, Brendon Burchard, Franck Nicolas, Erico Rocha, Jeff Walker, Dan Lok, Dan Martell, Bruno Pinheiro, Conrado Adolpho, Ted McGrath,   ... just to mention some!

Order the huge KING now! in very few days you can use it and stand out with prestige!

Read these few praises:

Tony Robbins is proud of his giant flipchart KING for stages and presentations

Frank Kern is proud of his giant flipchart KING for stages and presentations

David Neagle is proud of his giant flipchart KING for stages and presentations

The awesome and comfy Set EXCLUSIVE is made of these products:

  • One KING Flipchart: the unique professional, foldable, portable, with the double-wide landscape panoramic panel.
    KING Flipchart is made in powder coated aluminum and it holds paper pads. 
    • Paper pad clamp holder.
    • Lightweight, less than 22 pounds (10 kgs).
    • Full-width pen tray at the base of the panel.
    • Foldable legs, with non-slip rubber feet.

    KING flipchart is tall about cm 178 (5.84 ft)

    The phenomenal double-wide panel's sizes are:
  • - when opened cm 120X100 (inches 47.28x39,4)
  • - when closed cm 60x100x6 (inches 23.64x39.4x2.36)
  • The Set of Paper Pads (Nr. 4 pads, each of 22 sheets),
    plain white paper cm 114x87 (inches 45.31x34.28) 

  • One Carry Case for the KING Flipchart.
    It's hand-crafted in a resistant soft technical fabric and we get it produced from a skillful Italian artisan business.

  • One Carry Case for the paper pads (it contains two cardboard pipes for protecting the paper).
    This bag is hand-crafted in a resistant soft technical fabric and we get it produced from a skillful Italian artisan business

Russel Brunson is proud of his giant flipchart KING for stages and presentations

Eric Worre is proud of his giant flipchart KING for stages and presentations

Frank Kern says: I've never done a webinar with a big flip chart before!
I got the idea from Russell Brunson watching him. It's really cool.
And let me tell you something about these big flip charts.
So, these things to my knowledge are impossible to get in the United States!
I searched everywhere for but couldn't find them!
Finally had to text Russell:
"Hey dude where did you get this thing?" and he said "I caught it in Italy!"
So,we had to have this shipped over from Italy from FLIPCHART.IT
You guys over there who got this to us so quickly, thank you very much!
They're good people over there!

Ruth Mary Allan, Certified High Performance Coach, says: Using the KING flipchart has been brilliant.  
I love love love it!  
Not only is their service super, but to my surprise, the size of the board has really inspired me to be more creative and spread my message further.  
Simply by giving me that extra space to be creative on white paper and draw out my message.  
If you don’t have one and you’re struggling with expressing yourself and communicating your message, this flipchart might just be the answer for you!

Do you prefer to have KING without the cases?
The product you need is the ACADEMY Set, look at it here!

>Not sold in stores, unique, you find it only here<

It's time you order your KING Flipchart now!
Avoid using conventional flipcharts because they don't highlight your prestige!

We'll be pleased to answer to your questions and requests, please write to

Dimension when openedcm 120 x 100 (inches 47.28 x 39,4)
Dimension when closedcm 60 x 100 x 6 (inches 23.64 x 39.4 x 2.36)
Heighttall abt cm 178 (abt 70 inches)
WeightKING's lightweight: not even 20 pounds!